enterprise value
Enterprise Value

Management Philosophy:integration、sharing、innovation
Integration isIntegration is the foundation of SCM (Supply Chain Management), sharing is necessary for integration, innovation is the dynamic force for sustainable development.

Core Ideology: people first, service first
Talent is the firstTalent is our first resource and professional service is our core competitiveness.

Enterprise vision: being a top-notch SC (Supply Chain)servicer in the world
Welcome theCommitted to become a first-class international SC servicer, Inco endeavors to construct a fair、harmonious and win-win service platform.

Mission: to promote efficiency and innovation of our SCM
YingThrough integrating logistics、trade flow、capital flow and information flow ,Inco has established an international SC service platform to optimize SCM of our enterprise in efficiency and innovation.

Development goal: based on China with global vision
WelcomeInco strikes roots in China and faces the world , our aim is to be a best servicer worldwide within everyone’s reach.