Master: do a do not regret people

A poor young man, desperate, then riding high, float upon the clouds become big officials, neighbors have regret, how at the beginning not to help him when he is suffering a helping hand? A poor family, the children very much, have little food to eat, clothes are not cold, over the years is an orphan. But when this group of children grow up in a poor family, all aspire to, finally in the society rise head and shoulders above others, neighbors that regret, in the past did not give them some help, otherwise today can also benefit benefit!

See the farmer save money on food and expenses, spread the seeds into the field, his drink uses, when farmers harvest their own, very poor, the only regret having done sth.! Their lazy, have neither learning nor skill, love leisure and hate labour, others worked very hard, but laugh he read the book died, some day in the future, others have achieved, he still without a single success, only regret to end.

In this world, regret many things, such as good said: meet the teacher dont study hard, leave later regret, what is the use? Meet better men do not associate with him, until later regret respectively, also have what use? Things dear unfilial, arrived after bereavement, want to filial piety also impossible! The master was not loyal, habit, everything is not smooth, regret in vain! See benevolent refused to help, later regret it too late! When have money do not want to give money to, regret, why! Dont believe the cause, when suffer only regret, is also It doesnt help the situation! Buddhism does not repair, wait until the deadline for the only regret, is always too late!

Man, no vision, no prospective, everything should wait until the lost before know regret, so the sage does everything to examine oneself, feeling no shame, to avoid future regret.

Man, do not regret a person. Speak, say later will not regret to say; do things, do not regret to do after. In Buddhism, when it comes to a persistent person, will regret; an angry person, will regret, a distrustful person, will regret, a greedy person, will regret; a character he who hesitates, will regret. A brave, honest, Xiang Shan, acting longitudinal error, when the regret, also easy to obtain others sympathy.

A thirteen year old boy wrote to the president Fran USA Klee, the letter read: "Dear president, I do a sorry state thing, because my conscience, for use without a postmark stamps, felt very regret, I am willing to compensate for now, please Mr. President to pardon." This letter of pure and lovely letters, has been preserved, as all the letters in the White House, the most valued and valuable a letter.

So, a bad thing can not do, do regret; good hasten to do, do not regret. We will be good for the world, innocent, dont regret, regret in the world.