Do water leader

You can be in a container, fitted with eleven, two litres of soil, sand or rice. However, no matter what kind of container loaded with water, you can let the water out of the container of the high edge, because the water is overflowing with.

So Confucius appreciate the wisdom of water said: "surplus does not estimate, similar degree." Mean water meets the full stop, as the gentleman work, pay attention to propriety.

Business attitude is like the water of wisdom, too much of a good thing.

Welchs "elimination" grasp "is the classic example of degree": according to the performance of the workforce is divided into three categories: the best of the 20%, the middle of the 70% and the 10% worst, give the first two parts employees appropriate incentives, and the last of the 10% was eliminated fate.

Although the "elimination" because too harsh a controversial, but Welch insisted that: the purpose of doing so, just make more rational allocation of resources. In the capital and energy is limited under the premise, the only place where the funds will be invested to return the most generous, at the same time as far as possible to reduce unnecessary losses, in order to maximize the benefit.

In the implementation of the "elimination" of the issue, Welch is very grim, adhere to an iron hand push, finally, to be in the company formed a sense of insecurity, everybody wants to situation. The fact proves, "elimination" has played a major role in the history of the development of Ge Corp, Welch was also listed as one of the worlds greatest CEO.

And America large-scale retail enterprises Kmart failure, is to grasp the "degree" of a typical case of out of control.

The once prominent Kmart, is the industrys "Godfather" enterprise. The last century eightys in seventy to USA retail list, created the worlds biggest supermarket chain and the largest retail enterprises. In 1981, the total number of shops at more than 2000, covering 50 states USA outlets.

At the time, Kemat was big enough, almost full of water. But CEO Joseph Antonini was not satisfied, think only continue to expand the scale of enterprises, in order to maintain their own unique position of strength. In order to make yourself become the retail field "all-round champion", K-mart gave up their own core competitiveness -- discount marketing, trying to through the acquisition of different enterprises, different areas of expansion to become more powerful.

But in the end due to cross the fields too much too wide, competitive advantage can not be extended, which cost a lot of money and effort to purchase of enterprises are hard, because of losses and had to reluctantly sold.

When Kmart sprawling, WAL-MART has quietly catching up, replaced the Kmart became American retail overlord. No longer feet Kmart attempts through the price war to compete with WAL-MART, but in the end only to crash ending.

Bill Gates said, for the success of enterprises and entrepreneurs, the biggest threat is not from competitors, but from their own. Managers of the mind the future of the enterprise plays a key role, keep the water as peace of mind, knowing only for security, work degree, can make the enterprise prosperous.