Thanksgiving is a blessing

Life is impermanent, riches and honour are impermanent, sickness and death is impermanent, because life is short, we should cherish, learn to treat people with gratitude and things.

Two walking in the desert has days when they traveler, thirst, met a camel old man, the old man gave each of them half bowl of water. Two people face the same half bowl of water, a complain that water is too little, not enough to dispel the thirst of his body, unexpectedly will complain the half bowl of water spilled out; another also know the half bowl of water can not completely relieve physical hunger, but he thought: God give me leave this half bowl water, it is a gift, and with the feelings of gratitude, drink this bowl of water. The results, the former because fault this half a bowl of water to die in the desert, the latter because of drinking the half bowl of water, finally succeeded in out of the desert.

Tell people this story, with a heart of gratitude for the life of the people, even in the big disaster, also can get over. Thanksgiving met a curse, a curse can become a blessing, and those who often complain about life, even if the encounter with the blessing, blessing will become a curse.

There is a legend, abbot of the monastery to monastery, established a special rule: every year, the temple monks have to say this years feelings, but the face of the abbot, speaking only two words. The end of the first year, the abbot asked a new little monk said: "what is your feeling this year?" The little monk replied: "hard bed." At the end of the second year, the abbot asked the little monk said: "what is your feeling this year?" The little monk replied: "eat bad." The end of third years, this little monk also did not wait until the abbot asked him, he would take the initiative to find the abbot said: "good-bye." The abbot looked at the little monk far of figure automatic speaking said: "the devils heart, hard to accomplish anything, but! What a pity!"

The abbot said "magic", small and still heart endless complaints. The little monk just consider what they want, but never thought someone gave him what.

In real life, there are a lot of people like the little monk. They also could not understand this, it is not the best, complained, have, always feel that others owe him, society owe him, never felt all the others and the society of his life. Their hearts will only complain, can not generate gratitude. A philosopher once said: the worlds biggest tragedy is a person boast without shame and said: "no one gave me anything."

We everyone should understand the whole life is interdependent, everything depends on everything else. Both rearing parents, teachers teaching, spouse of love, service to others, generous gift of nature...... Since people have their own life, was immersed in the ocean of grace. The one who really understand this truth, the blessing of nature will be Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Parents Parenting will be, will be Thanksgiving social stability, will sweet food of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving clothing will be warm, will Thanksgiving flowers Yuchong, will Thanksgiving hardship, and even their enemies, also do not forget to thanksgiving. Because the real push us to succeed, so that we become brave and generous, not in affluence and prosperity, but those who can often kill us combat, frustration and opposite.

Small story comprehension: Thanksgiving is to moisten the life nutrition. With gratitude for the mood, person and person, man and nature, man and society will become more harmonious, more cordial. We also can because of the existence of psychological Thanksgiving became a happy and healthy.