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Samsung Electronics components business to promote more and more on the growth performance of 2013-07-30 Tencent technology - (Mowgli) July 29th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics is expected this year, will invest nearly $12000000000 to upgrade and investment after the chip manufacturing equipment, a move that reflects Samsung Electronics cannot achieve a breakthrough in the intelligent mobile phone profits, more and more dependent on the components business and promote the growth performance. Samsung Electronics reported, although the companys second quarter net profit reached a record 7.77 trillion won ($7000000000), a year-on-year increase of 50%; but by the flagship intelligent mobile phone Galaxy S4 to influence the company marketing spending increases, the company intelligent mobile phone business profit margins have been squeezed greatly.

Samsung Electronics vice president of mobile business Jin Xuanjun (Kim Hyun-joon) results in the last Friday said in a conference call, intelligent mobile phone market will continue to rise in the third quarter, but by the listing of new products led to the effect of intensified competitive pressures, the company mobile phone business growth may slow the rate. Samsung Electronics on the same day also warned of increased low-end smart mobile phone, the influence of proportion by the third quarter, the average sales price of mobile phone company may decline. Remove the mobile phone business, Samsung Electronics is the worlds largest memory chip, the display screen and TV makers. More and more market analysts expected, future growth will come from Samsung Electronics components business. Driven by the memory chip prices, Samsung Electronics components business profit rate will significantly enhance the.

The second quarter operating profit to occupy its operating profit 18% chip unit, when the quarter operating profit grew 71% compared to the same period. At the same time, Samsung Electronics, including mobile phone and telecommunication equipment of mobile communication department operating profit to occupy the companys operating profit of 66%. The second quarter of the Departments operating profit grew 52%, but lower than the first quarter growth of 54%. The investment firm Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Mark Newman (Mark Newman) said, "the memory chip is undergoing structural changes, because of supply constraints will lead to higher product prices, thereby improving the business profit margin." The analyst expects operating profit of Samsung Electronics, semiconductor business rate in the third quarter will be increased to 25.2%, the fourth quarter will increase to 27.8%, far more than the second quarter of 20.3%.

Samsung mobile business profitability in the second quarter to 17.7%, lower than the first quarter of 19.8%. Samsung investor relations department director Robert Yi (Robert Yi, transliteration) said that the future of Samsung Electronics will put more effort into seeking "profit balance between each business department." SamSung electron chip business investment this year to 13 trillion won, and Intel this year plan for factories and manufacturing equipment into the $11000000000 level quite. Throughout 2013, Samsung Electronics capital expenditure budget will increase by 5%, from 22.8 last year to 24 trillion trillion won promotion. This includes 6.5 trillion won for display sector investment.

Because of fears that the flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 sales could not meet expectations, the emergence of Samsung Electronics shares fell sharply in recent months. From the beginning of the end of 3, for the promotion of Galaxy S4 mobile phone, Samsung has invested billions of dollars. Since the end of 4 this year, Samsung Electronics started selling the Galaxy S4 dependence, shares of the company, the cumulative decline reached 12.8%, the market value of about $25000000000 in damage. In June of this year, investment companies have lowered the Samsung Electronics net profit and smart phone shipments are expected to ship Galaxy S4, the reason is very weak.

Although there is no disclosure of smartphone shipments data, but the market research firm IDC expects second quarter, Samsung sold 72400000 smartphones, share in the global market reached 30.4%. After Apple released a lukewarm third quarter earnings, Samsung Electronics has reported record second quarter earnings. Although Apples third quarter iPhone shipments is expected in the market, but the companys net profit year-on-year decline 22%. Equipment of cheap Chinese Android flooded the market influence, the market demand for high-end smart phones began to gradually reduce. Because of this, Samsung, HTC and NOKIA have released cheap mobile phones more is acceptable. But market analysts believe that this will lead to the companys profit margins are affected.